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‘No Hands’ Massage

Full Body: £50 - treatment time approx 75 minutes

Back, Neck, Shoulders: £30 -
treatment time approx 45 minutes

Colon: £20 - treatment time approx 30 minutes

‘No Hands’ Massage is a dynamic new form of Massage that is sweeping across the world as one of the most powerful new
therapeutic Massage treatments available. It is deep and powerful, yet so very gentle.
Our advanced massage professional practitioner will use his body, ie forearms, to perform this manual massage in place of his hands.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:-

Full Body: £50 - -treatment time approx 75 minutes

Face and Neck: £20 - treatment time approx 30 minutes

Localised Areas: £20 - treatment time approx 30 minutes

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very specialised type of massage used to detox the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes act as waste disposers for the body’s toxins and catch all the ‘bad stuff.’ Lymph drainage aids the body to flush out that bad stuff.
The technique involved is very unique and the benefits can range from post-operative healing from breast cancer, to allergy and sinusitis relief. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is the manual manipulation of the lymphatic ducts using gentle, rhythmic massaging of the skin to stimulate the flow of lymph and its return to the blood circulation
system. The treatment is very gentle, yet powerful.





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