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Hand and Foot Treatments


Hands and feet are treated using ‘jessica’ products. ‘jessica’ offers the world’s most advanced natural nail care range. Nails have their own DNA, their own specific strengths and weaknesses - just like hair and skin. It is impossible to treat all nails with the same products and achieve the same effects, this is why ‘jessica’ customise their services to treat individual characteristics, resulting in strong, flawless, natural nails.


File and Paint: £16

Approximately 30 minutes

Nail analysis followed by shaping and paint using ‘jessica’s’ appropriate 

treatment basecoats and colour.


‘Jessica’ Prescriptive Manicure: £25

approximately 60 minutes

A manicure analysing and treating each nail for its specific nail type. 

Hands and arms are massaged, the cuticles are cared for with specialised oils 

and creams and the nail shape perfected. Finally, treatment basecoats and 

colour are applied for the perfect finish.


‘Jessica’ Deluxe Prescriptive Manicure: £32

(Incorporating the Le Remedi Hand Treatment with Thermal Mitts)

Approximately 75 minutes

A prescriptive manicure incorporating a luxury age management treatment for the hands. 

This treatment includes a hand cleanse, exfoliation, masque and liposome serum. 

Hands are placed in thermal mittens, ideal foe deeper penetration of oils and creams, 

softening cuticles, improving circulation and soothing stiff joints. Finally, treatment basecoats 

and colour are applied for the perfect finish.

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